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Minnesota students can get a jump start on earning college credits by taking college courses while they are in still in high school through 明尼苏达州’s PSEO program, a program made possible through the 明尼苏达州公共服务法案.

College courses taken through PSEO programming are dual credit; courses should fulfill high school course requirements and count toward a high school diploma. In addition to earning credits, these rigorous courses offer students help in learning important “transition skills," such as critical thinking, 写作, research and course management. These skills help students make a successful transition to college. 

St. 澳门威尼斯人娱乐城 offers high school students a variety of options for earning dual high school and college credit via an online courses or right here on our campus. St. 云州 also offers numerous courses directly through Minnesota high schools via our Huskies in the High School program.



We find many students are ready to begin their college careers on campus or in an online environment, while still in high school. Students should be prepared for the academic and social challenges of enrolling in college and earning credits before high school graduation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer courses that exceed high school levels, introduce students to new disciplines, and create opportunities for students to engage in the full college experience. 


High school students in the 10th grade interested in taking career and technical courses may start by taking one career and technical college level course taught by a college faculty member on a college campus. SCSU has designated specific courses that a 10th grade student may choose from. 要符合资格, a student must have a minimum of a “proficient” score on the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test for reading and meet the assessment prerequisites set for the course that must be met by all students. 

Huskies in the High School

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Many high schools offer college courses through concurrent enrollment programming, allowing students to take college courses taught by highly qualified high school teachers without having to leave the high school. Under certain circumstances, students in 9th or 10th grade may also be allowed to take concurrent enrollment courses.

We refer to this program as "Huskies in the High School." Students enrolled in this program are St. 云州 Huskies taking St. 澳门威尼斯人娱乐城 courses at their high school.

Interested in Huskies in the High School? Consult your high school guidance counselor to learn about the courses offered at your school. 

注意: High schools students must be formally admitted each PSEO program they intend to register through. Students who are admitted to another institution or through another affiliation, and register for St. 澳门威尼斯人娱乐城 courses through that affiliation are not automatically admitted to or receive the benefits of our program.


明尼苏达州's Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

Minnesota's commitment to prepare secondary students for a successful transition to college.



The current state statute outlining PSEO programming.


Minnesota Department of Education

PSEO information and guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Education.

MN Department of Education

Don't Know Where to Start?

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Our PSEO team specializes in providing a full-service, student-centered approach. No matter where you are starting from, they will be able to get you where you want to be.